CREE-192 LED Dance Floor

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Our latest product Digital LED Dance Floor


  • 10ft x 10ft – Suitable for up to 1-35 Dancers
  • 12ft x 12ft – Suitable for up to 35-45 dancers
  • 14ft x 14ft – Suitable for up to 45-55 dancers
  • 20ft x 20ft – Suitable for up to 95-110 dancers
  • 30ft x 30ft – Suitable for up to 225-250 dancers

Product Description

Wireless remote control software or independent software control, it can achieve different designed effect with audio control  and DMX Control
Light weight and easy to set up
Wear-resisting and water resistant
Multi-function with different color
Using a high-strength ABS material for the base, tempered glass for the panel, the entire light body, super slim sophisticated, high level, beautiful, generous
Flight case to transport
Size: 19.5″ x 19.5″ x 2.5″ per piece
Loading Capacity: 1,100 LBS. per piece
LED Color: RGB
Floor Color: Black
LED Count: 192pcs
Material: Stalinite + ABS
Weight: 19 LBS per piece
Control Method: SD Control or PC Control
Working Life time:  50000hours
IP Rating:  IP65
Certificate: CE
Packing Quantity: One Flight case can hold 6-10pcs

LED Dance Floor CREE-192 Videos



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Additional Information

Dance Floor Panels w/ Flight Case

10ft x 10ft = 36 panels w/ 4 Flight Cases, 12ft x 12ft = 49 panels w/ 7 Flight Cases, 13ft x 13ft = 64 panels w/ 8 Flight Cases, 15ft x 15ft = 81 panels w/ 11 Flight Cases, 16ft x 16ft = 100 panels w/ 13 Flight Cases, 18ft x 18ft = 121 panels w/ 16 Flight Cases, 20ft x 20ft = 144 panels w/ 18 Flight Cases, 30ft x 30ft = 324 panels w/ 33 Flight Cases


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