CREE-infinity mirror LED Dance Floor

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Our latest product Digital LED Dance Floor


  • 10ft x 10ft – Suitable for up to 1-35 Dancers
  • 12ft x 12ft – Suitable for up to 35-45 dancers
  • 14ft x 14ft – Suitable for up to 45-55 dancers
  • 20ft x 20ft – Suitable for up to 95-110 dancers
  • 30ft x 30ft – Suitable for up to 225-250 dancers

Product Description

3D space tunnel effect, immersive abyss
Light weight and easy to set up
Wear-resisting and water resistant
Multi-function with different color
Using a high-strength ABS material for the base, tempered glass for the panel, the entire light body, super slim sophisticated, high level, beautiful, generous
Flight case to transport
Size: 19.5″ x 19.5″ x 2.5″ per panel
Loading Capacity: 1,100 LBS. per piece
LED Color: RGB
Floor Color: Black
LED Count: 84pcs
Material: Stalinite + ABS
Weight: 19 LBS per panel
Control Method: SD Control or PC Control
Working Life time:  50000hours
IP Rating:  IP65
Certificate: CE
Packing Quantity: One Flight case can hold 6-10pcs

LED Dance Floor CREE-192 Videos



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Additional Information

Dance Floor Panels w/ Flight Case

10ft x 10ft = 36 panels w/ 4 Flight Cases, 12ft x 12ft = 49 panels w/ 7 Flight Cases, 13ft x 13ft = 64 panels w/ 8 Flight Cases, 15ft x 15ft = 81 panels w/ 11 Flight Cases, 16ft x 16ft = 100 panels w/ 13 Flight Cases, 18ft x 18ft = 121 panels w/ 16 Flight Cases, 20ft x 20ft = 144 panels w/ 18 Flight Cases, 30ft x 30ft = 324 panels w/ 33 Flight Cases


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